Meet the Team

We are a group of undergraduate students at the University of South Carolina dedicated to furthering our education through our mutual passion of motorsports.

Jack Hannum


Jack is the President and Founder of Gamecock GP. He began the Society of Automotive Engineers chapter at the University of South Carolina, and recruited the first 20 members. He now works closely with the business team to secure funding for the project, with all the teams to develop a coherent concept for the car, and as the leader of the tractive propulsion team. Jack is a Junior Electrical Engineering student in the South Carolina Honors College at the University of South Carolina-Columbia. Jack’s long held love of cars, belief in the importance of electric vehicles to a sustainable future, history of DIY projects and running student organizations led him to found and serve as President of Gamecock GP. After graduation, he hopes to work for a company promoting electric transportation like Tesla Motors or Zero Motorcycles, or a startup in the sustainable energy sector. This summer, he interned for Westinghouse Electric Company in Cranberry, PA.

Greylan Smoak


Greylan Smoak is an Electrical Engineering major with a Business Administration minor. He is from Columbia, South Carolina. He has a passion to tackle challenges and solve complicated problems. He is a part of the Business and Tractive Teams of Gamecock GP and assists with overall organization decisions as the Secretary of the club.

Jacob Hodges

Chassis Team Lead

Jacob Hodges is studying mechanical engineering at the University of South Carolina (Class of 2021). Jacob joined FSAE in order to build a social network with other driven engineering students. He accepted the team lead position to gain valuable leadership experience and to further dedicate himself to the team. Using industry standard software and some experience in fabrication, Jacob hopes to successfully lead design and manufacturing of the team’s chassis. Jacob hopes to one day work in the automotive industry focusing on design.

Nicholas Latronica

Suspension and Steering Team Lead

Nicholas Latronica is a Junior Mechanical Engineering student at the University Of South Carolina. He has had a passion for cars for his whole life, and is highly focused on entering the automotive industry, with his eyes set on design engineering. Nicholas is our Suspension team lead, working with members of our FSAE team to design and manufacture the suspension components required for our car to be successful in the autocross and drag racing events.

Mason Salb

Drivetrain Team Lead

Mason is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering. He has a passion for racing and automotive design. Through Gamecock GP, he hopes to further his abilities in these areas, and lead the organization to future success.

Rachel Nelson

Business Team Lead

Rachel Nelson is studying accounting at the University of South Carolina. She is from Stamford, CT and graduated from Trinity Catholic High School. Rachel joined the FSAE business team in order to improve her networking skills and gain experience in interacting with companies.

Motor racing is like one big family, ultimately, and when you come back to it, that’s really what it feels like.

– Mario Andretti

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